Saturday, 1 August 2020

Chaos in the craft room!

Last year I shared photos of how I'd finally got my craft room all spick and span.  Well, as we were gradually tidying and sorting in the house...

...more and more stuff started to pile up out there again *sigh*

Frankly, my lovelies, it became an absolutely humongous mess!

So ~ as you do ~ I decided the only thing for it was to totally rearrange the space 😄

In a vague attempt to at least appear slightly efficient, I did get out the tape measure to see how I could re-jig the furniture to best advantage.  You see, I had a vision in my head of what I wanted.  And although I rather hate to admit it ~ and don't tell Adrian that I've told you this ~ what I envision in my mind isn't always entirely practical in the real world 😉

It looked a helluva lot worse before it started to look even slightly better...

...and at times I did wonder if I'd bitten off a tad more than I could chew!

Even with Adrian's help, it took a good few days to heave the furniture around...

...and sort out all my supplies.

But at last it started to come together.

Now you walk through the craft room door into "dolls' house alley"...

and my dream of turning one room into two actually worked!

I've got lots of crafting hours to look forward to, completing my partially-started kits and constructing those still in their boxes.

It does still look a little messy, and I have lots of goodies stashed away in plastic crates.  I know that as I start to complete and build the kits, though, those goodies will soon take their rightful places in the new shops and homes I have planned for Groatie Bay 😊

At the end of dolls' house alley, we turn the corner...

...and enter my craft space.

I took my time deciding where to put everything, trying out different permutations.

I think I've made better use of the storage space since rearranging the room.

I've also given myself more leg room this time.

I still have some jobs to do over the coming months, mostly little things such as making the printer's tray on the wall into a pinboard.  There will be plenty of days in the autumn and winter (days when no one in their right mind wants to be gardening 😉) to while away a few hours pottering about in my craft room.

And the view from my craft room is still as lovely as ever; I'm a very lucky girl 😊

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